domingo, julio 20, 2008

Space elevator

Como ya sabreis, los que habeis leido el manga Battle Angel Alita, o Gumm Last Order, la forma mas barata de poner algo en el espacio es con una especie de ascensor...
Parece que los de la nasa por fin se dan por enterados y barajan la posibilidad.

viernes, julio 11, 2008

miércoles, julio 09, 2008

not the next president of united states

Thought he don't know how to use internet, he know of the cables (cable tv) and the bloggers.

lunes, julio 07, 2008


por cierto que magnifica la final de wimbledon.!!!
Que jefe Nadal.
jobs london x google
agencias london x google


Bueno, no estoy escribiendo mucho q digamos.
after 4 weeks i'm tired of the london transport system,
don't get me wrong is great, but i have to pay uo to 30 euros for
1 week all bus and zone 1 and 2 of underground.
u can see what is that here
is great that you can move around all the times you want but
you waste 1 hour at least going from someplace to another.
Today i went with gustavo to calibre and i make an appointment for training
for work as a waiter for the wensday.
then i went to see gustavo's house, he live in a room in a house with at least 8 more people, he don't have to pay a lot, of course, but in the way back it
takes me A LOT just to go back home.
after a walk i take a bus, 155 i think, then i take the DLR at limehouse, and then in bank, i take the northen line to morden, i leave in stockwell and change to victoria line in brixton and take some bus to home.
So i leave gustavos home at let's say 8 o'clock and i arrived at home at half pass 9