miércoles, abril 23, 2014

why you need to be carefull with your security

As our security expert advise: to have an antivirus is the least you can do nowadays!

my money stolen while in czech republic

So after a few months waiting i decided to post the reason i felt very uneasy at IBM delivery center czech republic. And left.
Vitalijs Blazevics This man started working the same day i started, i meet him even before i started working at Fleda hostel in Brno. He looked like a regular guy and i made the mistake of befriend him. We even were in the same clases the first week, so what could possible go wrong?
A lot. Turns out after i lend him some money to pay the next month rent, he dissapeared with even more money when he was supposed to pay me back, when he got his paycheck. So a week before the payday he didn't go back to work, this was barely 1 month after starting at IBM. I send a email to their superiors to ask about his whereabouts but to no avail, i tried various times with HHRR and it wasn't until he didn't return the laptop that they started firing him...

Now i remember he told me he worked for a gambling company in gibraltar, so he is most likely a professional scammer. Don't let him entertain you with stories about losing his money on London and traveling all of Europe by hitchhiking  .

Update: only 2 webpages i found about him on the net: a job page and a page in czech? .
there we can check his last know mobile and mail.
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