miércoles, septiembre 16, 2009


Septiembre y pronto empiezo las practicas y clases de ingles.!!!
Tengo el pc mas o menos vetado asi que de actualizar mas bien poco.
Os recuerdo que mi mail es mi nick seguido de arroba en el dominio angelalita.com

Series del Momento:
True Blood
Defying Gravity.
Una q dice el adri Virtuality creo.<-- uy dicen q se cancelo...

Series que igual no habeis visto (un poco frikis)
Big Bang Teory

Haber si dejo esto ya y me pongo a hacer ejercicio.
A mis amigos: llamad mas, aunque solo sea para preguntar que tal, ya se que todo el mundo anda ocupado y por eso no os llamo pero me podriais llamar mas, haber si podemos hacer alguna excursion antes de que venga el mal tiempo.


domingo, septiembre 13, 2009

Read only if in USA

Keep the goverment hands out of my medicare!!!

Also lower my taxes, don't touch my benefits and balance the budget!!!

/ironic mode off/

I'm tired of explaining this shit.
First of all.
1.Capitalism and Communism are ECONOMIC SYSTEMS.
2.Actually nearly ALL of the countries in the world are capitalists.
3.Conservators, liberals and Socialists are politic ideologies.
4.Socialism in an communist system will mean that workers own the factories. But that doesn't even happen in china.
why, because an inherent fault in the system, if that would be true the workers will be rich and will not work anymore ERGO fail.
5. Socialism inside a Capitalist system, will mean that YES the income is kind of redistributed by taxing more the rich and less the poor.
As an example of socialist policy:
in some European regions, (ex some wealthy towns) the gov gives money (usually less that 200 eur/month) to the unemployed after they have finished the unemployment benefit, kind like the US food stamps, so YES even the US is "socialist" or better said "have social policies".
6. Liberals means DIFFERENT things in Europe than in the US, in the EU they are part of the right. (but support universal health-care and for example bigger pensions for the eldery) Also usually countries have socialist parties and liberals OR conservators.
7.Conservators are the "US republicans" of course and that ideology is usually tied to the religion. In EU the church always support the conservators but not the liberals because the liberals are laic aka agnostic or science based and don't speak about religion(that man-made-up religious cult) because they think is a private thing and should not mess with the goverment/state.The socialist think the same.
8.Conservators in EU like the rich and the bussines(aka less taxes for the rich) but they hide it, AKA they are not called conservators they call themselves "Popular party of Europe" and have actually the biggest stake in the EU parlament!. They also like less government but mainly deregulate and put less rules in Corporations and business.
9. Liberals in the EU are kind of in between, in the center, I don't have more information because there's no such party in my country, Spain.
10. Last but not least FASCISM, OLIGARCHY and DEMOCRACY are types of government, with the total dictatorship/fascism usually in the extreme right, extreme left and extreme nationalism's. AKA IRAN, Cuba, China. As this classification is totally made by me I will take the freedom to include in "Oligarchy" those governments that try to fake elections by means of shutting down opponents newspapers like Russia, Venezuela or countries run by elites or corporations. in democracy I will include all countries with free elections.
11.As a side note u can see that a country CAN and WILL have elements of the 3 types : A economic system a type of government and a politic ideology of that current government.
12. Really big problems happen when you try to change from capitalism to communism like in Venezuela, they have to destroy the capitalist system and need the force to do that because not all the people want that change and healthy companies don't like to be nationalized. On the other side socialist in EU don't want to leave the capitalist system.
13. Problems also happen when you let ANYONE stay too much time in the government. The Socialist create the nanny state and there's too many rules and cameras and you end up with rules like (insert example here)and wasting money in flat screen tvs for the civic centers and the republicans sell the country to god and the corporations, that's why Obama can not pass a universal health-care reform, capitol hill is owned by the pharma industry and others like lobbies.

Just in case go browse yourself wikipedia.