domingo, febrero 16, 2014

Security Updates for Shockwave, Windows

Adobe and Microsoft today each issued patches to fix critical security flaws in their software. Microsoft’s February Patch Tuesday includes seven patch bundles addressing at least 31 vulnerabilities in Windows and related software. Adobe pushed out an update that fixes two critical bugs in its Shockwave Player.
More than half of the updates issued by Microsoft today earned a “critical” rating — Microsoft’s most dire. That rating is assigned to vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malware or malcontents to take complete, remote control over vulnerable systems — with no help from users.

To harden even more your computer we recomend activate windows security extended mitigation for your windows programs along with your antivirus and firewall.

sábado, febrero 15, 2014

the most important chart of this century

Click to enlarge, and guess where your country is and what the chart means for the future in a world that for the markets "infinity grow" is a undoubted asumption...