jueves, diciembre 18, 2014

EU - US economies, why the US recovered.

What is the differences between Europe and US, why the economy is so sluggish in the old continent?

The key can be in the states policies. While most of the Europe have restrictive inmmigration policies, the US actually welcomed them legalizing 5 million illegals this year, now, European immigrants, when legalized become subjects of the welfare state, dependent subjets, like many Europeans, they rely on the state, and are scared of starting bussiness due to the increible expensive bureaucracy involved, while in the US, there is more freedom to do this, nothing to lose.

miércoles, septiembre 24, 2014

miércoles, abril 23, 2014

why you need to be carefull with your security

As our security expert advise: to have an antivirus is the least you can do nowadays!

my money stolen while in czech republic

So after a few months waiting i decided to post the reason i felt very uneasy at IBM delivery center czech republic. And left.
Vitalijs Blazevics This man started working the same day i started, i meet him even before i started working at Fleda hostel in Brno. He looked like a regular guy and i made the mistake of befriend him. We even were in the same clases the first week, so what could possible go wrong?
A lot. Turns out after i lend him some money to pay the next month rent, he dissapeared with even more money when he was supposed to pay me back, when he got his paycheck. So a week before the payday he didn't go back to work, this was barely 1 month after starting at IBM. I send a email to their superiors to ask about his whereabouts but to no avail, i tried various times with HHRR and it wasn't until he didn't return the laptop that they started firing him...

Now i remember he told me he worked for a gambling company in gibraltar, so he is most likely a professional scammer. Don't let him entertain you with stories about losing his money on London and traveling all of Europe by hitchhiking  .

Update: only 2 webpages i found about him on the net: a job page and a page in czech? .
there we can check his last know mobile and mail.
Telefon žadatele:

sábado, marzo 15, 2014

this could change everything

Bitcoins stolen?
here you have a solution.!
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And here a hardware solution: www.choosecase.com

domingo, febrero 16, 2014

Security Updates for Shockwave, Windows

Adobe and Microsoft today each issued patches to fix critical security flaws in their software. Microsoft’s February Patch Tuesday includes seven patch bundles addressing at least 31 vulnerabilities in Windows and related software. Adobe pushed out an update that fixes two critical bugs in its Shockwave Player.
More than half of the updates issued by Microsoft today earned a “critical” rating — Microsoft’s most dire. That rating is assigned to vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malware or malcontents to take complete, remote control over vulnerable systems — with no help from users.

To harden even more your computer we recomend activate windows security extended mitigation for your windows programs along with your antivirus and firewall.

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the most important chart of this century

Click to enlarge, and guess where your country is and what the chart means for the future in a world that for the markets "infinity grow" is a undoubted asumption...