martes, abril 07, 2009

Si no ves las 6 imagenes tienes el virus conficker

Conficker Test

Which pictures appear in the table below?



If you see this above: It probably means this:

All images displayed

Normal/Not Infected by Conficker B/C (or using proxy)

Some security/AV logos not displayed

Possibly Infected by Conficker B

Security/AV logos not displayed

Possibly Infected by Conficker C

No images displayed
Image loading turned off in browser?

Any other combination

Poor Internet connection or server problems?


Conficker (aka Downadup, Kido) is known to block access to over
100 anti-virus and security websites.

If you are blocked from loading the remote images in the first row
of the top table above (AV/security sites) but not blocked from
loading the remote images in the second row then your Windows PC may
be infected by Conficker (or some other malicious software).

If you can see all six images in both rows of the top table, you
are either not infected by Conficker B/C, or you may be using a proxy
server, in which case you will not be able to use this test to make an
accurate determination, since Conficker will be unable to block you
from viewing the AV/security sites. You can use one of the network

The original Conficker A does not block internet sites and thus cannot
be detected using this method. But it is by far not as wide spread as

You find more information and links for removal tools on the Conficker information site provided by The H security.

This test was originally developed by Joe Stewart.

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