sábado, septiembre 18, 2010

Restore sanity Rally in DC. by Jon Stewart in front of Lincon memorial.

If you don't know yet the folks of comedy central, at the Daily Show and Stephen colbert are holding dueling rallys in Washington DC mall, YES , in the same place that martin luther king hold a rally, (remember Forrest gump movie) and in the same place that Conservative Tea party republicans, Aka pro-bussiness lobby Fox news talk show and lunatic Glen beck, dared to hold a rally to restore honor. ?.
Yes in the US capital.

I'm calling you all to go to this.

Why do i care to go?
First because it will be epic, this will made headlines and could change the upconig elections, it shows that if you want something you have to get at it do it by yourself, do something.
Express your angry, and become aware that if the Republicans gain congress or the senate, it will be a nightmare, if our president Obama is having difficulties to pass legislation now and changes are going slow, with the Republicans in control the goberment will be virtually paralized and if the goverment work and adpt to the changes slow now it will be years of blockade and efectivelly having turned Obama into Bush.
Because you don't want America to end like this if the Republicans stop the stimulus.

And top of all ... we'll be there to say to Glen beck, hey some kids that watch the Daily show are more important and powerfull that the undergraduated wing-nuts that know nothing and are being used as usuall by the lobbist, the war looby the oil lobby and the hc industry.

So this is a chance to demostrate to the rest of the world that there are more Americans for sanity than tea party idiots, why i'm calling tea party idiots?, because they advocate for less taxes when the reality is that, unless you're rich you pay little taxes in America compared with other countries.

So we have to make our voice heard by the media!!!.

I live in Europe and need money to travel to DC.

If you are willing to help please donate by paypal to paypal at angelalita.com
I will post updates at my blog (in both english and spanish ) to inform about the status of the fundraising.
The plane cost me 465 Eur or  604,5 $ if you found any cheaper let me now too.
Any donator will recieve link to hi-res pics i take in DC at the Restore sanity / Truthiness rally.
So if you can't go i will.
Thank you.

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