miércoles, marzo 20, 2013

An new Bitcoin era?

Hello folks,
i just bought 1 BTC at 43 Eur, call me crazy...

But if you usually shop online it could be convinient, that's it, in a few years when websites accept bitcoin instead of paypal because it's will be cheaper.

So how do you start. First read this

Second, get your first 0.01 BTC for free at this exchange. And you can buy more with simple bank SEPA wire.

Remember to use lastpass for all your password needs, in case you forgot your password or format your computer you could lose access forever to your accounts.

More things, What if i don't want to put any real money? well, there are some sites giving for free extremely low amounts of coins, you can try to start here.
https://coinad.com get some microBitcoins for free!

BitCoin bubble? well, many people bought just to speculate, but the more people use it the more it will go up, and i predict that their value will double every 4 years, not bad, just keep in mind that this "wallet sites" will take a 0,5% fee for exchanging or moving the money! and up to 1 eur to transfer your money back into your account.

Bitcoin is to the banks like the mp3 to the music industry!, you can be your own bank, just be carefull to keep your computer clean of viruses!!

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