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Como encontrar trabajo en Australia

Hi, i will repost here all the info to get a job in australia.

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They are all free, no catches, and you will learn a great deal.

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Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia: Part 5

Here is the final excerpt of five from Nadine Myers' full course "Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia".

In the last part of this series you will find out about:
  • Planning your job sponsorship search
  • Where to start
  • Your ideal job
  • Your ideal company
  • Your career path

Please open Extract Five here.
I highly recommend Nadine's package, particularly to those of you who are in a strong position to seek a job sponsorship here in Australia. You can see a full list of what is included in this package along with the complete index of the main book here...

For those of you working towards your goal of moving to Australia, I also recommend:

Professional Resume Service

If you're looking for a sponsorship or a job here in Australia, then you really need to consider getting a professional resume or, as us Brits would normally call it, a CV.

James Innes is one of the world's leading career experts and a bestselling author. He also founded The Resume Centre in 1998 and since then they have gone on to become Australia's leading resume writing company.

This is one service I haven't personally reviewed, simply because I'm not in the market for a job. But I have spoken extensively to many resume services over the last few years, and these people strike me as the best and they also offer some of the most competitively priced packages I've seen.

Visit their website to
Guardado para referencia de como buscar job en Australia o conseguir un job sponsorship. 
Es muy dificil, y es mejor hacerlo todo por iinternet antes de ir a Australia, aunque desde España se puede visitar como turista sin ningún prerequisito. Nunca lo intentes sin tener el visado de trabajo ya que yo comprobé que el tiempo que este puede demorar es superior a los 6 meses; tiempo que te pasaras haciendo clases de inglés (carísimas para tener el permiso de trabajo q ofrecen a los estudiantes que es de media jornada,) Tenga siempre en cuenta que los precios de los estudios en australia son mucho mas caros para el extranjero que para uno con residencia Australiana. Y cuestan de media 7000$ al año para cursos de ingles y 15000$ para universitarios. Mientras que el alojamiento y comida puede costar sobre los 200$ a la semana. 

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