domingo, febrero 01, 2015

Working for Prodesignvn

If you need image design services, and quotes of all kinds of graphic services now there's a new service of which i am principal part of english costumer relations now. They also arrange boths for fairs.

I'm partner now on a company which is focused on services for the vietnamese digital market, and i take care of the english support for foreign customers. They work with various vietnamese companies that will do this work for you. They are amazing people but don't speak english so i have to be around to make sure they get everything right.

There's no much activity yet so, so i am studying in the mornings international commerce and hope the company will take off in the future.

I told them into accepting bitcoin but they don't accept it yet. This is one of the reasons i am bullish on bitcoin, transfers in and out of Vietnam are difficult and expensive.

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