jueves, julio 09, 2015

Tusk, Juncker and Tsipras on Grexit at EP plenary session

Epic, 3 hour long, complete, euro-parlament debate with the Greek prime minister as a guest, that will be analyzed for years and leave open to all what the politicians stand for. So are socialists, pro-europeans other populists other anti-european, communists greens and even extremist, watch out for the MP outburst asking for the destruction of the EU...

There's different audio on the right and on the left channel of the video.

Please put turn the balance of your computer volume to the right to listen to the english channel.

Click on the volume sign, then on the speaker icon, double click on speaker properties - Levels - Balance. Or just use your headphones on one ear.

It is amazing to watch this in contrast with the US political system, the euro-parlament is divided in political groups, not in countries and they get together even if they speak different languages, there are more than 400 translators to assure the direct live translation between any to any language.

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