sábado, mayo 15, 2010

Should i buy euros now. You betcha. Now for the reasons.

Seen all the apocalyptic scenarios proposed by several financial websites lately i guess i had to step in...
Why the Euro is much more credible than the USD:

1.-We do not print money like Ben Bernanke every times he watch Cramer's Mad money.
2.-The principal concern of the ECB has been inflation since the beginning.
3.-It had all that anti-counterfeit measures of the new 100 bill in all the bills from the start.
4.-Yes we have more social security programs and huge taxes, thus more space to make cuts than the US.
5.-We know that all this GDP-grow-forever that drives the markets does not exist, we're realistic, sane.
6.-Debt, sure but we have banks that borrow money at 1% and buy bonds at 3%, making huge profits, thus will always have lenders.
7.-This is SPARTAAA!, no seriously, World wars, empires falling, everything has happend here, and yet we continue to pursue a common goal, improve the live of our citizens.
8.-Greek is tiny, and Spain economy is better than California's.
9.-If the EUR goes low china will start to buy Eurs with all those USD they have, and it will just make  our exports cheaper, yes the gas may be up but we are working on electric cars, eolic, solar and fusion technology and with the budget cuts we sure can stop inflation, an even in case of deflation japan is not half bad.
10.-The odds of a default are zero, printing money is cheap, so the ECB or the FED will bail out us again, we're too big to fail, that was the US is doing anyway, with some luck all that inflation will go straight to China.

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